Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava is a modern educational and scientific institution founded in the year 1937. At present, the STU consists of seven faculties based in Bratislava and Trnava. All the faculties provide a study in accredited study programs within the complex system of a bachelor, master and PhD. study. Faculties realise credit system compatible with the European credit transfer system enabling mutual mobility of students within European Union member countries and a larger European space. In the area of scientific and research activities the STU successfully joints European Union programs. 


STU is a public university and offers education mainly in: technical, technological, technical-economical, technical-information and technical-artistic fields of study using the modern methods of education, laboratories and practical training. It is aimed at the study branches with stable opportunities of students' employment at the labour market.


ESN STUBA is the organization acting on Slovak University of Technology founded in 2012 as a part of ESN Slovakia. Since then we are doing our best to offer help to foreign students coming to our university but also to the Slovak students seeking for a way to study abroad. Our aim is to make the Erasmus life easier but unforgettable and full of experience and adventures. Therefore we are cooperating with other ESN sections in Bratislava and are able to offer a variety of special events and trips, as well as the help to Erasmus students through buddy system.


Current Section Board of ESN STUBA (from July 2017):

Section President: Zuzka Škutilová  -

Section Vice-President: Michal Kázsmér -

Treasurer: Miriama Butková -

PR Manager: Miriama Butková -

Local Representativ: Radka Lesná -

Event Coordinator: Marek Lettrich  -

Webmaster: Maros Cavojsky -

Social Erasmus Coordinator: Martina Piatrikova


Previous Section Board of ESN STUBA (from year 2017):

Section President: Michal Strmeň 

Vice-President: Jozef Vajdiar

Social Erasmus: Jozef Vajdiar

Treasurer: Lenka Repková

PR Manager: Zuzka Škutilová 

Buddy Coordinator: Danko Bucko, Andrej Lovasz 

Event Coordinator: Danko Bucko , Lenka Repková 

IT responsible: Maros Cavojsky 

Local Representativ + HR: Radka Lesná 


Previous Section Board of ESN STUBA (as of winter semester season 2015/2016 ):

Section President: Milan Rafaj 


Treasurer: Lenka Gallová

PR Manager: Martin Macák 

Buddy Coordinator: Ivana Kubínová 

Event Coordinator: Ivana Kubínová 

Webmaster: Milan Rafaj 



General contact: 


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