University dormitories

This is the most common and basic form of accomodation for any student. To recieve this type of accomodation you will have to apply for it. Due to the limited amount of spots in dormitories, you should apply as soon as you can to maximize the chance you will get in.

Dorms are tied to a specific university and therefore almost exclusively only provide accomodation to the students of that university. The Slovak University of Technology (STU) encompasses these dormitories:

- Mladá Garda, Račianska 103, 831 02 Bratislava
- Nikosa Belojanisa, Wilsonova 6, 811 07 Bratislava 1 
- Jura Hronca, Bernolákova 1, 811 07 Bratislava 1 
- Svoradov, Svoradova 13, 811 03 Bratislava 1 
- Mladosť, Staré Grunty 53, 842 47 Bratislava 4 
- Dobrovičova, Dobrovičova 14, 811 09 Bratislava 1 

(foreign students are usually accommodated in the ones written in bold):

Most of the rooms look like flats with 1-3 rooms sharing one bathroom. Usually 1-4 people of the same gender share one room. The price varies from 60-100 €/month based on the dormitory and the number or roommates. Mensa, fitness or other services are available for you in the student houses.

For more information about accomodation and services, visit the official STU website:

Private dormitories - Flatio


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The Flatio company is expert at medium-term rentals. It is intended especially for those who want a few-month-long accomodation, most often for business visits, studying, staying as part of the Erasmus Programme or while reconstructing their own home. And also for those coming to visit their family and friends from abroad.


Private dormitories

If you haven’t been one of the lucky ones to get the room in the university dormitory, you can still live in private dormitories. They are dedicated for the students of all universities. All of them are newly furnished and reconstructed and they offer 1- or 2-bedded rooms. The prices vary from 150-200€/month. If you would like to live in a private dormitory, we recommend you to make a reservation at least one month before the semester starts because the capacities are getting full very quickly.

Student House in Bratislava – Ružinov. Newly opened in winter semester 2014/15.

Student Residence, Bratislava – Petržalka, Incheba. Also newly opened in winter semester 2014/15.


Renting an apartment

Another possibility is to rent an apartment in Bratislava. If you have decided for this option, the best thing is to team up with other students who are looking for a flat to rent as well because everything is easier when you are not alone, right? 

And I don’t want to crash your illusions, but don’t expect to find an apartment by searching for online offers kilometers away from Bratislava. A: you should take a look at the apartment yourself and B: the landlord wants to see you. Can you imagine renting an apartment to somebody you have never seen? And that somebody would be a student coming for Erasmus stay? I guess most probably not… Apart from that, you need to sign the lease contract yourself.

Therefore, we recommend you to contact ESN or local person, for example your buddy, and search for the possibilities first. After that, prepare to get a temporary stay in a hostel or a dorm and come to Bratislava to look for your apartment. It may take you some days, but don’t worry, we can reassure you that the market is very flexible in September and October when the semester starts and everybody finds one after all.

For renting an apartment prepare 150-250€/month. The prices vary considerably according to how many people will share the flat, the location and the size. As always, the ones in the center are smaller and more expensive compated to the ones in suburbs or further parts of town (Ružinov, Petržalka, Nové Mesto, Rača, Karlova ves)

You can look for the advertisements on the internet reality websites. There are really many of them, such as:

But Facebook can also be a good tool to find somebody renting a room in a shared apartment or to team up with other people also looking for the accommodation. Many groups for Slovaks as well as for foreigners have been created:

Hostels in Bratislava

If you need to find a temporary accommodation after your arrival until you find your accommodation in Bratislava, you can apply in the dorms for the guest rooms (10-20€/night) or you can live in a hostel in the city centre. The prices for 1 bed in a shared room are all around 15€ in most of the hostels.

Here are some links together with a map to better see their location:,Bratislava&ei=6ToHVJ-NE9TH7AbspoCwCA&ved=0CNEBEMgT


DISCLAIMER: ESN STUBA is not liable for any damages caused by this information document, due to the dynamic nature of the information here published. Costs as such are subject to frequent changes – therefore we cannot assume any liability for incorrect numbers.