The Buddy system is a program, which aims to help Erasmus students at the beginning of their mobility. “Buddy” is a local student, volunteer who decided to interact with international students and facilitate their arrival and stay in Slovakia. All our Buddies speak English and, usually, one or more other languages as well. Your buddy can pick you up and help you to check in your accommodation. He/she helps you with translation or to fill some administrative tasks. Buddy is here to help you and is willing to hang out with you.

Buddy system consist of Erasmus students and ESN Buddies, volunteers. If you are local student and you are interested in being a Buddy, please contact us at stuba.nabor@esn.sk or stuba.president@esn.sk.


When you decide to get a Buddy visit the website called Papaya, ESN matching system https://papaya.iter-idea.com. Firstly, you need to sign in either with your Facebook account or with google. You can also start from “Use email and password”, after you select this option there is a new tab opened. You may click on “Create new account”. Select the country you are coming from, select the section you are coming to which is ESN STUBA. Then, fill your personal data and click on “Create a new account”. This procedure will send a request to the administrator of ESN section, who needs to approve your request. In case your request is approved, you will receive to your email address the authentication details; in case your request is rejected, you will be notified.

After approval of your request, your profile will be visible to ESN Buddies. At this moment, you just need to wait for a match. After a Buddy will choose you, you will be informed via email notification. Your Buddy will contact you as soon as possible.