Buda(FCKN)pest with ESN STUBA

The legendary trip to the capital city of Hungary - Budapest is awaiting you. Watch the city from the citadel, experience Ruin Bars, visit the largest thermal baths in Europe and more! Trust us, this city never sleeps!

What to expect?
  • Transfer to Budapest by EuroCity train
  • Accommodation in a hostel with a rich breakfast
  • Public transport tickets included
  • VIsit of the most important places like the Hungarian Parliament with guide, the Budapest Castle, the Heros square
  • We will show you famous party spots and Ruin Pubs
  • You will see the oldest metro in continental Europe 
  • You will taste the fresh food of the City Marketplace 
  • Before leaving the city, you will have the opportunity to visit the famous Szécsényi baths, so don't forget your swimsuits!
  • Of course company and guidance of 3 skilled ESNers :)
  • Bonus: city game with prices <3

Krak(w)ow with ESN STUBA

We have prepared for you an unforgettable mixture of traveling - adventure - fun - teambuilding and serious history. VIsit with us Krakow in Poland! 

ESN STUBA will provide:

  • Transfer to Krakow and shuttle bus for trips
  • Accommodation in a hostel with breakfast
  • You will see Krakow in all its beauty through the day during the guided tour
  • Night walk in a stunning Jewish quarter with pubs
  • If we will have time we can visit one of these places: Lom Zakrzowek or Kopiec Kosciuszki
  • We will show you how to party in Polish way - twice ;) 
  • We will take you to experience one of the most touching places in the world - Auschwitz Concentration Camp - with a guide
  • Each evening we will have a dinner together like one big family :P 
  • On the way back you will enter one of the oldest Salt Mines and see its wonders during a guided tour in Wieliczka
  • To manage all this, three awesome ESNers will join the trip, so you don't need to worry about almost anything :)


Prague, the City of 1000 Spires with ESN STUBA 

Last but not least we are organizing a trip to the capital city of the Czech Republic. We are looking forward to sharing the beauty of Prague with you!

What is waiting for you? 

  • Transfer to Prague by train or bus
  • Public transport within Prague like true locals ;)
  • Accommodation in a hostel with breakfast
  • Visit to the Prague castle
  • An atmosphere of the Golden city during a guided city tour
  • Czech beer and bohemian parties 
  • Traditional Tour de Bar...or better said Tour de Beers
  • One common dinner
  • Petrín watchtower (Czech Eiffel Tower) + Hall of Mirrors
  • 3 ESNers will be your company and provide guidance through this beautiful city - they speak Czech very well, ha-ha ;)